Access Through Innovation

At Go Capital we provide accredited investors the opportunity to invest in Canada’s leading development projects, and unique select private placement opportunities in tech and other industries, through transparent, safe, and principal secured vehicles. As a market leader, we are on the leading edge of innovation, providing access to Canada’s fastest growing investment opportunities.

Proven Track Record

All project offerings at Go Capital go through a rigorous analysis and securitization.  Our extensive qualification framework ensures that all details of a development project are evaluated from launch to completion with diligence.  This includes evaluation through a wide range of third party independent experts including planners, engineers, sales consultants, market research firms, appraisers and law professionals.  We also make it priority to ensure that our development partners who are executing projects, are market leaders with a proven track record of exceeding expectations in their domain.

Customer-Centric Philosophy

Our goal is to ensure that every client has a positive experience working with Go Capital.  From start to finish our priority is to keep our process transparent and straight forward providing our clients with all the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions.  We take time to thoroughly understand your investment goals and work with you to determine if our opportunities fit within your overall investment strategy.